2018: The Most Popular Books to Read

2018: The Most Popular Books to Read

A lot of want to take a trip back to 2018, to read some of the finest books of the year. in addition to that, there are also many of you who for certain reasons, were unable to read some of the most trending books of 2018. If you are not sure which books of 2018 you want to read, here are a few iconic books of 2018.

“Circe” by Madeline Miller (One of the best fictions of 2018)

The foundation of the story lies upon the basis of ancient Greek mythology. The protagonist of the story is an ancient witch who goes by the name Circe. She is the daughter of Helios and according to myths, is quite strange and powerful. As punishment for disobeying the Olympian deities, the Olympians have her go live on a desolate island. In addition to that, it is on that Island that she comes across one of the most popular men of Greek mythology.

2018: The Most Popular Books to Read

“A Ladder To The Sky: A Novel” by John Boyne

The central character of this novel is a fascinating man. He goes by the name Erich Ackerman and is a Cambridge professor who is a renowned novelist. Furthermore, he is quite familiar with the aspects of riveting fiction. Also, he is quite familiar with issues such as personal secrets and issues that can cause one great shame. Furthermore, issues of such sort fuel the fires of his work.

2018: The Most Popular Books to Read

At a point, a young and ambitious writer in Berlin, Maurice Swift, enamors him a great deal. As a result, the issue of him revealing some dark aspects of his history comes into the limelight. Furthermore, those aspects comprise his secret past in Hitler’s Germany. The novel comprises cunning and sharp turns, along with a gradual pace of intensification.

“Asymmetry” by Lisa Halliday

Here a shocking coda connects two different stories. The first is a love affair that narrates the relationship between an ambitious book writer around 25 years of age, and a genius geriatric novelist.

In addition to that, the other section refers to an Iraqi-American economist who is held up in Heathrow.

It is quite difficult to provide a glimpse of a huge collection of amazing books of the year. With different genres and different writing styles, the year 2018 is full of mesmerizing books. Hope this list gives you a good idea of how the most trending books of 2018 are.

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