2019: The Most Trending Books to Read

2019: The Most Trending Books to Read

Many of you who want to go back to reading some of the finest books of 2019. There are also those among you who somehow were unable to read some of the best books of 2019. In case you missed out, here are some of the most trending books of 2019.

“Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland” by Patrick Radden Keefe (One of the best non-fictions of 2019)

The book revolves around a woman who goes by the name of Jean McConville. She is a mother of ten children. On a certain night in 1972, the woman goes missing from her own home. Maybe it was a single individual or a large group, the horrible fact is that the kidnapping took place in her own house.

2019: The Most Trending Books to Read

The foundation of the book lies upon four years of thorough research on the highly intriguing murder case, along with I.R.A and the vehement clashes within the country. In addition to that, the issue of Jean’s disappearance is highly famous in history. In his book, Keefe highlights some of the connections that he thinks, leads to the murder of Jean McConville.

“An Anonymous Girl” by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The book ranks among the top books and the latest ones of the year. With the protagonist, Jessica Ferris, the book takes the readers on a wild tour. Wanting only to make some extra money, Jess takes part in a study on ethics.

2019: The Most Trending Books to Read

A mysterious Dr. Lydia Shields conducts the study. Even though the study’s procedure seems simple, things take a major turn. As a result, the protagonist falls into a huge dilemma regarding whom she can trust.

“The Nickel Boys” by Colson Whitehead

The book stands strong and high on the pillars of real American atrocities of the past, along with a fine blend of fiction. Furthermore, the main show resides in the representation of imaginative reality. The hero of the story, Elwood Curtis, is a teenager who is socially aware, as well as highly ambitious. Furthermore, he is quite law-abiding, and resides in Tallahassee. On his first day of elective community college, he gets in the wrong car.

2019: The Most Trending Books to Read

As a result, the police mistake him for a criminal and arrest him for auto theft. Furthermore, as punishment, he goes to the Nickel Academy, a place full of racism, corruption, and harshness. There he finds out that his positive behavior and intentions alone will not help him survive. In addition to that, he comes to realize that survival is all about having a fail-proof strategy.

These three books reside among the finest book of 2019 and give off an amazing image of how awesome the books of 2019 are. Furthermore, there are various forms of rankings. As a result, it is difficult to firmly state which book rests above all. However, the list above gives an idea of the most trending books. So with no further delay, take a trip to the books of 2019, and embark upon breathtaking journeys.

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