Book Cover: Top ranked design trends in 2020

Book Cover: Top ranked design trends in 2020

Book Covers are what draws the attention of the general people. Never judge a book by the cover. We all have heard it, yet a small number abides by it. In the general scenario, the book cover draws a person towards the book. With time changes design, style and taste. Everything around us is more or less digital. So to acquire numerous readers, a book needs an enchanting cover.

In many cases, it becomes quite difficult to produce a book cover that allures people. Here are some of the finest book covers of 2020.

Book Cover of “Deacon King Kong” by James McBride

Minimalist Brush Strokes

Here we see the book cover of a fictional story. The book speaks of the stories of inter-racial housing experiences in a housing project. The setting is in New York, in the 1960s and 1970. The designer frames the title using minimalist brushstrokes. As a result, the designer makes the vibrant colors more prominent. In addition to that, designer’s emphasis on the colors brings out the essence of the uproar of the 1960s and 1970s.

Book Cover of “Legendborn” by Tracy Deon

Top Ranking Book Covers of 2020
Aesthetic and glowing

This is the cover of a book that has a supernatural theme.The story revolves around a 16 year old African American girl. The story describes how the girl explores her own supernatural powers. In addition to that, the girl also discovers her family’s past. The image, in a spectacular fashion, upholds the essence of the main character. Hillary D. Wilson, is the creator of this amazing piece of art. The artist places the fiercely determined girl in the center of the cover. This directly draws the attention of the reader.

Despite appearing calm, the cover gives off a filmy and ethereal vibe. Furthermore, the girl appears to have a strong energy around her. Thea artwork gives off a sense of mystery, along with a feeling of something brewing. The color combination makes the cover look highly aesthetic, with a glowing vibe.

“Almond” by Won-Pyung Sohn

Top Ranking Book Covers of 2020
Simple, yet deep meaning

Presenting the cover of a rather pragmatic fiction. The art, efficiently upholds the theme of the novel. The main character suffers from a psychological condition. As a result, the protagonist is unable to experience emotions. There is a lacking of emotions in the protagonist’s face. The artist uses this technique to express the protagonist’s emotional state.

The handwritten text is slightly messy. This trend is among the popular design trends nowadays. The text style gives the feeling of a coming of age story. Besides that, the text style makes it appear as if it was a teenager’s handwriting.

The three book covers, shown and described above, gives an idea of how book covers are designed nowadays. Artists and designers focus on upholding the theme and message of the book, through the cover. If you are aiming to attract a lot of readers, then makes sure your book cover has a captivating effect on people. If you are aiming to attract a lot of readers, make sure your book cover has an eye catching artwork and title play a crucial role.

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