Book Review Writing : Three Essential Steps

Book Review Writing : Three Essential Steps

A book review is one of the finest mediums for making a book more visible. Books that have excellent book reviews are more likely to attract readers. Furthermore, the chances of selling books with top-notch reviews are quite high. So if you want to write a proper book review, make sure you don’t miss these three steps.

Step 1: Start the book review by providing a summary

There are three techniques that you can use for writing a summary: taking notes, drafting and editing, and thorough reading.

Making Notes

  1. Mark or highlight whatever you find important.
  2. While reading, note down whatever strikes your mind.
  3. If the book comprises of characters, then prepare a list of the central characters.
  4. Divide the book into three segments: the beginning, the middle, and the end.
  5. Identify the main themes of the three segments.
  6. Determine the central theme of the book or the message that it conveys.

Drafting and Editing

  1. If there is a certain word limit to the length of the summary, make sure your summary is close to the limit. Ensure that the length is neither too short, nor too long.
  2. Maintain the sequence of events, that is, when summarizing the events, maintain the chronology.
  3. Properly explain and highlight the central theme and characters.
  4. Shed light upon the key points of the sections of the book.
  5. End the summary by upholding the key idea of the book.
  6. Avoid adding your personal opinion.
  7. To scan for any flaws, proofread the whole summary.
  8. Share your work with a reliable person, for further help.

Thorough Reading

  1. Read in a calm and quiet environment.
  2. Instead of reading the book all at once, divide the book into segments. Furthermore, to avoid boredom, do not read the book all at one go.
  3. If you do not have much time to finish reading, set aside a certain amount of time in advance.
  4. Read the important passages a second time.
  5. Pay close attention to the actions and events that revolve around the central characters.
  6. Do not get side-tracked by minor details.

Step 2 : Present your evaluation

Your evaluation plays a significant role in upholding the value or quality of the book. In addition to that, must ensure that you do not write your summary solely based on subjective opinions. Apart from describing your reaction to the book, along with the book’s impact upon you, objectively criticize the book. Furthermore, when describing the strong and weak points of the book, use examples from the book to enhance their validity.

While evaluating, you can take the following questions into consideration:

  1. What is the genre of the book? According to your opinion, how does the book uphold the genre?
  2. What point of view does the story proceed by? What role does that point of view play?
  3. How is the quality of the author’s writing technique?
  4. Is the ending satisfactory? Are there any loose ends and questions that are left hanging?
  5. Is the book grammatically correct? Does the story have any digressions or plot-holes?
  6. Compared to other authors and books of similar genres, how high or low is the book’s quality?

Step 3: Give your recommendation

Finally, the main purpose of the book review arrives. You can wrap up the entire review through comparison with other books of the same genre, or by authors using similar styles. In addition to that, you can mention some of the positive and negative aspects of the book, and then state whether or not you recommend other people to read the book.

To wrap things up, the entire procedure of writing a book review can be split into many more blocks. However, if you want your book review to have quality and depth, make sure that you thoroughly follow the steps described above.

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