Fantasy Novels Top Trending of 2020

Fantasy Novels: Top Trending of 2020

Fantasy novels are one of the most amazing gateways to a different world. Readers who love to explore the world of imagination are huge fans of such novels. Furthermore, such books take readers on amazing journeys, far away from the real world. In addition to that, fantasy novels inspire a lot of TV-series and movies. Here are some of the most trending fantasy novels of 2020.

“When the Tiger Came Down the Mountain” by Nghi Vo

This is the story of the intertwining of human love and history with the spirits of animals. The main character, is a female cleric, who goes by the name Chih. She and her companions find themselves in the presence of a bunch of fearsome tigers aching with hunger.

To remain alive until the mammoths come forth to rescue them, Chih must figure out the complex and elaborate story of her lover who is a scholar, and the tiger. Her lover is a woman of great courage, intelligence, and beauty. By figuring out the story, Chih will be discovering how truth survives to become history.

“Piranesi” by Susanna Clarke

The protagonist of the book is Piranesi. Piranesi lives in a large house that has unknown boundaries. The hallways, comprise eye-catching stone statues. Furthermore, a complex of tides regularly floods the hallway. Only two people live in the house, Piranesi and the Other. However, the Other resides in a place far away and visits Piranesi only once a week.

On a certain day, when Piranesi roams around the house alone, a very intriguing fragment comes into the limelight. The probability of a third person living in the house arises, even though that should not be possible.

“King of the Rising” by Kacen Callender

This is the story of a noblewoman and her former bodyguard. To get themselves out of a complex affair, they use whatever means possible, to bring down the revolution and the colonialist invaders.

The book, unlike the first volume which is quite slow-burn, is full of action. The book tells gives a vivid image of how justice in its own ways, ultimately compromises with realpolitik.

These books are just the tip of the iceberg. The world of fantasy novels possesses adventures and mysteries that are worth remembering for a life time. So if you want to take a break from reality and go on an adventure, get yourself a fantasy novel.

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