Mystery Novels: Top Trending of 2020

Mystery Novels: Top Trending of 2020

Mystery novels always invoke a huge sense of curiosity among readers. Starting from every single word, to an entire page, it is impossible to skip something. As a result, readers with a keen mind are always looking for such novels. However, the concept of mystery is variable. It can either be a murder mystery, a horror mystery, or some other type of mystery. Each type, in its way, provides the reader a huge level f excitement. For those of you who are big fans of mystery novels, here is a list of some of the most trending mystery novels of 2020.

“Now Entering Addamsville” by Francesca Zappia (A Murder Mystery)

Apparently, someone burns down the school janitor’s house, and in the process, murders him. Zora is the first person everyone looks at. Due to the jail incident with her father, Zora leads a direct and narrow type of life. Sadly everyone looks for evidence to prove her guilty. Thus, Zora has no choice but to solve the murder herself.

Sadly, neither Zora nor the people of Addamsville have a single lead. As a result, Zora with her cousin Artemis set out to prove her innocence against many obstacles and bad odds.

“The Woman In The Window” by A. J. Finn

The protagonist of the story is an agoraphobic woman who drinks in excessive amounts, plays online games, and does online counseling. The trigger to her key downfall is that she spies on her neighbors with her camera. As a result, she sees things she is not supposed to.

Thus, she ends up walking a complex road. A road that makes you doubt reality itself. The style of writing is truly breathtaking. Furthermore, the presence of a sudden psychological twist makes the book even more appealing.

“Jane Anonymous” by Laurie Faria Stolarz

The central character is a typical 17-year-old teenager called Jane. She lives in New England suburb and is preparing for beginning her senior year. Her life is quite normal and cheerful. She enjoys her part-time job, has an amazing best friend, and quite dominating, but loving parents. Furthermore, she has a crush on the boy who takes her to her favorite band.

She lives in a town where nothing devastating ever happens. However, a trail of small events causes a cataclysmic turn of events. Jane never thought how a small series of incidents would alter her life forever.

These three books reside among the top trending mystery novels of 2020. As you can see, each book has its concept of mystery, for that is how mystery novels are. To understand mystery is to enter an endless, yet exhilarating journey. There is always something unexpected, and thrilling. So be sure to read the books discussed above, and embark upon mesmerizing journalese.

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