Short Stories The most popular ones to read

Short Stories: The most popular ones to read

In a world full of countless readers, many are always on the run. No matter what type of book is available, many readers are unable to fully enjoy a book. For such busy readers, short stories can provide an excellent form of relaxation.

Apart from taking a less amount of time to complete, they provide a soothing sense of satisfaction. Furthermore, the cliffhangers and the intriguing endings are quite breathtaking. So if you are a short story lover, here are some of the most amazing short stories to read.

“The Yellow Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The story revolves around a young woman who descends into madness. The confinements of a vacation room, throw her into a state of chaos.

Short Stories: The most popular ones to read

Through the yellow wallpaper of the room, the writer upholds the woman’s mental distress. The story upholds female role of females in patriarchal oppression.

“Mary Ventura and the Ninth Kingdom” by Sylvia Plath

Another short story with a young female protagonist. The story moves on as her train journey keeps proceeding. In addition to that, the story is full of mysterious twists and turns.

Short Stories: The most popular ones to read

Furthermore, it is quite quick to read. In addition to that, the story has plenty of suspense and a soft and pleasant ending.

“THE OFFICE OF HISTORICAL CORRECTIONS” by Danielle Evans (A collection of short stories)

This fine collection of short stories cover a wide spectrum of issues. Starting from race, class, and gender to many more, the stories provide a unique glimpse.

Short Stories: The most popular ones to read

In addition to that, the glimpses shed light upon the peculiar world born unknowingly by our own hands. Furthermore, the readers get a more clear view of what we are living with and above.

“EVERYONE ON THE MOON IS ESSENTIAL PERSONNEL” by Julian K. Jarobe (A collection of short stories)

The book is a unique collection of satirical short stories, with a blend of science fiction. In addition to that, each story is unique in various ways.

Short Stories: The most popular ones to read

Furthermore, the stories invoke a great deal of sorrow as well laughter within the readers. There is a unique blend of emotions within each story.

There are plenty of amazing short stories and short story collections out there. It is quite difficult to accommodate a huge range of books in a list. Hopefully, this list will assist you in choosing a short story to read and relax.

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